Fiar Adjustable 5-25lb Dumbbells - Compact and Versatile Strength Training

Published on Aug. 12, 2023, 10:50 p.m.

Getting a solid strength training workout at home can be difficult without access to a wide range of free weights. Adjustable dumbbells provide a convenient solution, allowing you to change the weight quickly for different exercises. The Fiar Adjustable 5-25lb Dumbbells aim to provide an effective adjustable dumbbell set that is compact, easy to use, and durable.

 Fiar Adjustable 5-25lb Dumbbells


The Fiar adjustable dumbbells provide 5 weight options in one compact piece of equipment - 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, and 25lb. They utilize a rotating dial on the handle to change between weights smoothly and quickly. The dumbbell has a metal handle and iron casting weight plates with a protective coating. An anti-slip grip and anti-rolling hexagonal base enhance safety and stability. Overall, the Fiar adjustable dumbbells aim to deliver convenience, versatility, and quality in a space-saving, adjustable free weight option.


  • 5 weight options from 5 to 25 lbs
  • Quick 1-second weight adjustment via rotating dial
  • Anti-slip metal handle with durable iron casting plates
  • Hexagonal base prevents rolling for safety
  • Compact design takes up minimal space
  • Tightly structured plates prevent shaking during use
  • Dial provides audible “click” when weight is secured

Design and Build Quality

The Fiar adjustable dumbbells feature a clean, minimalist design. The black metal handle has a textured, anti-slip grip that feels comfortable and secure in the hand. The weight plates are compact but have a solid, high-quality feel. When lifted, the dumbbell feels well-balanced and the plates stay tightly in place. The hexagonal base allows the dumbbell to sit flat on the floor or rack without rolling away. Overall, the build quality is excellent.

Changing the weights by rotating the dial is intuitive and smooth. The dial clicks securely into each weight setting, so you can be confident the weight is set properly before lifting. The adjustment is quick and simple enough to change between sets or exercises.

 Fiar Adjustable 5-25lb Dumbbells

Workout Performance

In use, the Fiar adjustable dumbbells perform extremely well. The adjustable mechanism and locked plates ensure the weights stay firmly fixed during reps and prevent annoying shaking. The shorter handle design makes the dumbbell feel more stable and controlled compared to longer adjustable designs.

The dumbbells provide a versatile range of weight for full body strength training. The smooth dial adjustment makes it easy to progress and challenge yourself by increasing the weight through your workout sets.

 Fiar Adjustable 5-25lb Dumbbells


The solid metal and iron construction give the Fiar dumbbells a very durable feel. The coating protects the plates from corrosion and rust. The key points - handle, dial, and connections - are sturdy and well-made to withstand frequent adjustment and use. The dumbbells seem built to last for many workouts.

Use Cases

The Fiar adjustable dumbbells are ideal for:

  • Full body strength training
  • Home and garage gyms with limited space
  • Progressive weight lifting routines
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Adding weight to bodyweight exercises like squats and lunges

User Feedback

Overall, customers seem quite satisfied with their purchase of the Fiar Adjustable Dumbbells, praising the efficient design and high-quality construction. Many reviewers mention how seamlessly the dumbbells adjust weight, allowing fluid transitions between exercises without breaking a sweat.

According to enthusiasts like Daniel S., the dumbbells are “very solid” and appear “built to last,” which provides confidence for those investing in the pricier adjustable dumbbell option.

Fans of the smooth dial adjustment include Mark R., who loves that “when you increase the weight it adds the weight plates on the outside of the last one. If it’s 10 lbs, it feels like a 10 lb dumbbell.” This compact adjustable design was a big selling point for many.

Several customers specifically called out how the plates lock securely into place, alleviating concerns about loose unstable weights. As TinkerNerd puts it, “Weights don’t clink or move about.” This safety feature grants peace of mind to exercise safely.

When it comes to the ideal use cases, Jan O. attests that “Balance is perfect without the clunkiness of other designs,” making the Fiar dumbbells great for varied strength training routines. Siobhan K. agrees, mentioning how the adjustable design accommodates her smaller frame, unlike bulkier dumbbell options.

Regarding drawbacks, some customers like Kael S. wished for smaller weight increments between settings and a higher maximum capacity. But for those whose needs fall within the 5-25lb range, adjusting weight in 5lb increments provides smooth progression.

Overall, the continuously positive user experiences highlight the Fiar Adjustable Dumbbells as a quality adjustable dumbbell option, meeting most customers’ needs for compact, efficient strength training at home.


  • Smooth and fast weight changing dial
  • Durable iron casting plates
  • Anti-slip grip prevents dropping
  • Hexagonal base stops rolling


  • Handle length better for average/small hands
  • Weight options could have smaller increments


With quality construction, useful features, and smooth adjustability, the Fiar adjustable dumbbells offer great value for money. At around $130, they provide an adjustable range comparable to sets costing over $300. For versatile home strength training, the Fiar dumbbells give you excellent quality and performance per dollar.


For convenience, effectiveness, and space efficiency in home strength training, the Fiar Adjustable 5-25lb Dumbbells are an impressive option. Quick and simple adjustability, smart compact design, and durable quality build make them a versatile, affordable adjustable dumbbell set. The Fiar dumbbells earn top marks and come highly recommended for home gyms.


  • Weight range: 5 lb to 25 lb
  • Weight increments: 5 lbs
  • Number of weight plates: unknown
  • Adjustment method: Twist dial
  • Handle material: Metal
  • Plate material: Cast iron
  • Length: 15.8 in
  • Width: 6.2 in
  • Weight: 25 lb

Box Includes

  • 1 Fiar adjustable dumbbell
  • Instruction manual

How To Use

Using the Fiar adjustable dumbbells is simple:

  1. Hold handle and turn dial to desired weight setting.
  2. Dial will click into place when weight is secured.
  3. Lift dumbbell and perform exercise reps.
  4. To change weight, place dumbbell down securely.
  5. Turn dial to new weight setting before next set.