TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra: A Revelation for All Body Types

Published on June 29, 2023, 11:37 a.m.

For individuals seeking an alternative to restrictive traditional binders, the TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra is a game-changer. Offering both style and comfort for all body types, this innovative compression bra binds and supports without suffocating. Keep reading for an in-depth review of this revelatory product.
 TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra


The TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra delivers moderate chest compression without wires or padding. Available from TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra, it is designed for bodies of all shapes and sizes. The bra is made of high-quality OEKO-TEX certified 59% nylon and 41% elastane, providing durable support.


  • Inclusive sizing from TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra accommodates all bodies
  • Power Mesh lining adds compression and support
  • Wireless design prevents pinching and chafing
  • Smooth flatlock seams minimize skin irritation
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry

Compression & Comfort

This bra offers medium support with gentle, even compression across the chest. Thick straps and a stay-put chest band maximize comfort while the scoop neck flatters. For individuals seeking an athletic, bound chest, this non-constricting compression bra is a dream.

Everyday Wear & Athletic Use

The TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra transitions seamlessly from gym to everyday wear. It provides light shaping and support during yoga, running, hiking and other activities. Breathable, lightweight fabric keeps you cool even during intense workouts.

 TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra

Use Cases

The TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra is perfect for:

  • Binding and flattening the chest in a comfortable, wireless way
  • Providing light compression and support during workouts and sports
  • Lounging around the house when you want a flatter chest profile
  • Wearing under clothing to create a masculine chest silhouette

Customer Feedback

With over 200 global ratings, the TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra enjoys an overall positive 4.1 out of 5 star rating. Reviewers praise the comfort and quality while noting some drawbacks.

Compression and Binding Effectiveness

The most common compliment focuses on the gentle, non-restrictive compression that balances binding with comfort. As one reviewer raved, “Feel comfortable in your skin. Our ‘kinder binder’ is meant to minimize your chest while maintaining the health of your skin, muscles, and movement.”

However, some larger-busted customers found the scoop neck shows a bit too much cleavage. As one explained, “The peculiarities of my body (currently 36FF UK size) have me concluding I will not have the flatter chest I want without drastic measures.”

Sizing and Fit

Many positive reviews highlight the inclusive TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra sizing accommodating bodies of all shapes and sizes. A 38D wearer reported, “I’m a 38D and the xl doesn’t compress my chest very much. It’s very comfortable, though.”

But a few taller customers noted the bra rolls up due to a short torso fit. “I’m short-waisted so that may not be an issue for average or longer torsos,” commented one 5-star reviewer.

Quality and Durability

Multiple reviewers raved about the high-quality, durable fabric built for longevity. “The quality is fabulous just wish it held me in more,” wrote one shopper.

Overall, most agreed this bra balances compression with comfort across an impressively wide array of body types and sizes. As one customer concluded, “For flat, feminine chest binding without pain or suffocation, the TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra is an ideal choice.”

Pros and Cons


  • Inclusive sizing from TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra
  • OEKO-TEX certified fabric
  • Wireless, non-constricting compression
  • Smooths and sculpts chest shape
  • Good for sports and everyday wear


  • May not bind enough for very large busts
  • Scoop neck shows some cleavage


At just $39, the TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra offers excellent quality and comfort at a reasonable price point compared to similar styles.

 TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra


For flat, feminine chest binding without pain or suffocation, the TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra is an ideal choice. Offering freedom of movement and breathability, this groundbreaking bra promotes comfort for all bodies and gender expressions.


  • Fabric: 59% Polyamide Nylon, 41% Elastane
  • Sizes: XS-6X
  • Closure: Pull-on style
  • Lining: Power Mesh provides compression
  • Underwire: Wire-free

Box Contains

  • 1 x TomboyX XS-6X Compression Bra

How to Use

  1. Select your regular shirt size for the best fit
  2. Pull the compression bra over your head and position it comfortably over your chest
  3. Adjust the straps as needed so they sit comfortably without slipping
  4. For best results, hand wash and line dry

Enjoy light compression and a flatter chest profile in total comfort!