New Balance Women's Relentless Crop Bra – Fashion and Function Combined

Published on June 15, 2023, 10:47 a.m.

The New Balance Women’s Relentless Crop Bra is a fashion-forward and performance-driven sports bra that combines style and functionality. Designed for active women, this crop bra features organic and hard geometric lines, creating unique combinations that elevate your look both on the field and in the gym. With innovative moisture-wicking technology and a comfortable fit, it’s a reliable choice for your workout sessions.

Product Information

  • Brand: New Balance
  • Material: 77% Recycled Polyester, 23% Spandex
  • Closure: Pull-On
  • Fit: Fitted silhouette designed to feel snug at the chest and allow for a range of motion without excess fabric
  • Straps: Skinny straps with logo elastic detailing
  • Technology: NB DRYx premium, fast-drying technology wicks moisture away from your body

Design and Comfort

The New Balance Women’s Relentless Crop Bra boasts a visually appealing design with organic and hard geometric lines. Its fashion-forward aesthetic sets it apart from traditional sports bras, allowing you to express your style while working out. The fitted silhouette ensures a snug fit at the chest, providing support and allowing for unrestricted movement. The skinny straps and logo elastic detailing add a contemporary vibe to the overall design.

Performance and Moisture Management

With NB DRYx premium technology, this crop bra offers exceptional moisture-wicking capabilities. It effectively pulls moisture away from your body, helping you stay dry and comfortable during intense workout sessions. Whether you’re engaged in high-impact activities or moderate exercises, the New Balance Women’s Relentless Crop Bra keeps you feeling fresh and confident.

User Feedback and Ratings

While there are limited customer reviews available for this specific product, the overall feedback has been positive. Users have praised the comfort and style of the New Balance Women’s Relentless Crop Bra, appreciating its softness and the ease of wearing it. The fitted silhouette and supportive design have received favorable mentions, making it a reliable choice for women seeking both functionality and fashion in their workout attire.

Price and Availability

The New Balance Women’s Relentless Crop Bra is priced between $25.74 and $49.99, depending on size and color options. It offers a competitive price point considering its brand reputation, design, and performance features. As for availability, it was first introduced on November 18, 2021, and is currently manufactured by New Balance.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
- Fashion-forward design with organic and hard geometric lines<br>- Fitted silhouette for a snug and supportive fit<br>- Skinny straps with logo elastic detailing<br>- NB DRYx technology for moisture-wicking comfort - Limited customer reviews available<br>- Size and fit may vary for different individuals<br>- Limited color options

Conclusion and Recommendation

The New Balance Women’s Relentless Crop Bra is an excellent choice for women seeking a stylish and functional sports bra. With its unique design, moisture-wicking technology, and comfortable fit, it offers the best of both worlds. While there are limited customer reviews, the positive feedback highlights its comfort and fashion appeal. Considering its competitive price range and reputable brand, we recommend the New Balance Women’s Relentless Crop Bra for women who prioritize both performance and style during their workouts.