Ncaa Division I Men'S Basketball: New Wilson Evo Nxt Basketballs Are Now In Stock, Not In Stock (Video)

The 2022 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball tournament is underway. Fans noticed brighter basketballs with gold trim featuring the Final Four branding. Some have compared the new-look basketballs to those most often dribbled in driveways and collected off the shelves at a local Walmart. The NCAA and Wilson unveiled the new Evo NXT basketballs. The balls have a micro-touch cover that adds extra grip, while the core is softer and helps with control. The ball are made using the best technology available from the Evolution basketball. The new Wilson basketballs are the official game ball for both the men's and women's tournaments and the NIT. They're not $5. 99, like Mark Cuban suggested, and as of the start of tournament play, they're not in stock. The only racks you'll find these on anytime soon will be those for warmups. .

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