Nj/Ny Gotham Fc Celebrates Allie Long'S Nwsl Passing Statistics With Social Media Marketing

NJ/NY Gotham FC have used their player statistics in their social media marketing of the team. Gotham midfielder Allie Long is currently the best passer in the league, and the team did not miss the opportunity to celebrate this accomplishment. Gotham FC has only seven games left in their NWSL season, and have limited opportunities to pick up points.

Expected Goals (xG) measures the quality of a chance when a shot is taken. Gotham FC was expected to concede 29 goals so far this year, but have only conceded 15. Goalkeepers Kailen Sheridan and Didi Haracic are both among the highest ranking shot stoppers in the league.

Gotham FC has struggled to pick up wins this season. The team's defense is strong, but the team has struggled to score. The absence of Midge Purce has been a notable loss for the team. Purce ranks in the top 10 in the league in g+.

Gotham FC is 9th in the league in “big chances missed” This means, when they get their big chances, they typically convert them to goals. The team has the highest possession rate in the league, averaging 55.7% of possession.

Gotham FC's Caprice Dydasco is tied for 2nd in the league in assists, and is 4th in the league for her passing accuracy. Dydasco and Estelle Johnson are in the top 15 in the league for highest interrupting g+.

Gotham FC New York is currently missing Midge Purce. Ifeoma Onumonu has scored 7 out of Gotham’s 17 goals this season. Sydney Leroux is second on the league's Golden Boot leaderboard with 2 assists.

Gotham FC is currently 8th in the NWSL. The team has a league-topping possession rate. Midge Purce was leading the league in progressive runs before her injury in early August. The team plays their next game at Red Bull Arena this Saturday.

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